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This one has been a long time in the making! I claimed Text for 100 at [ profile] dailyicons at the end of last November and finally got finished :)

No I've exhausted myself with Text only icons though. I claimed it to gain some experience with text and to hopefully be more comfortable with the use of it. I dare say that it succeeded for the most part as I've got more of an idea of what I can do with text :)

And the third claim... since my first Text claim went so well, I decided to go big on the new one :D

Artist: [personal profile] immortalje // [community profile] love_sacrificed
1. Don't hotlink;
2. Please comment when you take one of them or simply to say you like them or not;
3. Credit? Yes, please do. It's not mandatory BUT very much appreciated;
4. Textless icons are NOT bases.
Credit: Credits for the resources I use to make icons can be found here.


100 Text icons )


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