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Last update: 19 August 2015

Note about updates

I tend to download most of my resources in bulk or at the very least, add the credit in bulk. For that I've got an extra download folder. I usually credit (by foldername(= username for IJ/LJ/DA/etc)) before unpacking everything there is to unpack and sorting it into the "real folders" (aka where they need to be so that I can use them)... so even if credit isn't given immediately, it will be before I start using the textures/brushes.

If you made some of the textures/brushes and the name/community to credit has changed and want me to update this list to reflect this: just let me know through a comment here.

In addition to the resources listed here, I have added gradients, brushes and other things from the German version of Photoshop Creative to my Photoshop. I will add these later on, when I have more time to figure out what kind of credit is needed there.

Here you can find the resources for my icons, wallpapers and any other art I might make:

click here for the fonts & patterns )

click here for the brushes )

click here for the textures )

click here for the images/screencaps )


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