Icons #25: Mixed TV & Movies for [livejournal.com profile] bbc_uk_20in20

Jun. 30th, 2013 10:07 pm
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These are for round 3 @ [livejournal.com profile] bbc_uk_20in20! I picked Pride & Prejudice (2005) for the Category set and while I made 3 times as many I needed, I was fervently trying to decide what I wanted to do for the AC set (I was caught between Demons and something Doctor Who related)... until I figured with the excess of icons I made I might as well use some of them for the AC set :D
It certainly saves me from having to pick 5 out of 16 (2 of those being slight colouring variations)... now it's just 10 out of 16 :D

I'm also shocked to realise that I know so very little shows/movies this time around. While I love the costumes, I'm not the type for love stories which keeps me far away from most costume dramas and of the other movies I've watched About a Boy in the cinema (on a school trip to Wales where nobody had a choice about what to watch) and while I do own Love Actually on DVD I've only really watched the first 20 minutes or so (I actually bought it because it was cheap and featured plenty of actors I knew/liked). The TV Shows are equally bleak - I watched the first season of Merlin, the original pilot for Being Human (I really should have given the recasting for season 1 a chance! Well, I'm fixing that...) and heard of Primeval.

Still, I ended up enjoying making most icons :D

Artist: [personal profile] immortalje // [community profile] love_sacrificed
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3. Credit? Yes, please do. It's not mandatory BUT very much appreciated;
4. Textless icons are NOT bases.
Credit: Credits for the resources I use to make icons can be found here.


Absolutely Fabulous Being Human The Fall Merlin Primeval
About A Boy Atonement Kinky Boots Love Actually The Queen

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