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So, I've found another host for my icons. I hope it's going to be their home for years to come!

As I don't intend to go back and fix all of the broken links (I've re-uploaded 10,000+ icons and that's not all of the ones I had originally posted!), I decided to put up this master post. It will link to the specific icon folders. Should I ever create new icons (for new fandoms) I will update this list as needed.

I've also uploaded 500+ award/particpation banners for contests I had joined throughout the years.

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Since my original Masterlist became too large I find myself in need of a second post.

For notes about this masterlist (archives and an update history) see the part 1 of the masterlist here.

Last Updated: 31 May 2013

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I'm proud to say that my first fanfiction posted to was posted on 26/May/2001 and I know I posted my first fic to a German message board (which was the only reason it got finished in comparison to the attempts I had gotten up to in the year or so before that -- mostly Star Trek Voyager attempts I think). I've read fanfictions even longer than that... I can't believe I've been in fandom over 10 years now.
Even more food for thought - the story with that posting date was written on a school trip (also my first English story) and the sequel to my first story was inspired there... so I guess my first finished story goes back to 2000 even.


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