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25 Days of Christmas

Hello everyone! I'm planning to do a fanwork a day in December leading up to Christmas and while I do have some specific things in mind that I had intended to do last December, but never got around to and figured that I'd ask for some requests!

I know I did a request post last year for fics (and I really hope that it wasn't the year before that as I've still got fics to post that I wrote for those... they just need to get beta read), but hopefully doing it this way (with specific posting dates in mind) will see them posted in the near future instead of in 10 years.

about what I offer / plan on doing )

Tentative schedule:
• Most of it is at the same date as my schedule for last year (and I was so glad I never mentioned it anywhere since I ended up not doing a single day off of it!)
• I'll probably try to mix both fandoms and different styles of fanworks so it doesn't get to be too boring

Schedule )


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