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Another post in a bid to catch up with mirroring them. These two sets were made in September & October for [ profile] doctorwho20in20. I kept any original comments in here :)

Here's a general Doctor Who set made in honour of round 60 @ [ profile] doctorwho20in20. There might be an Aragorn set tomorrow if I ignore the extension I set for today, but with only 1 set submitted to [community profile] lotr20in20 so far... I'll have to think about that. Especially since I don't put out the icons as quick as I used to (and boy do I remember doing 3 20in20 sets in one (long) evening.

On the other hand, searching for images is what takes me the longest and I really need a new image viewing software since this one is utter rubbish and it doesn't help that it's importing tons of screencaps while I'm trying to search for something...

I've already mentally said goodbye to the general round @ [ profile] season20in20 :(

Where did September go this month? Where did the last 9 months disappear to? I swear it was just January!

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2. Please comment when you take one of them or simply to say you like them or not;
3. Credit? Yes, please do. It's not mandatory BUT very much appreciated;
4. Textless icons are NOT bases.
Credit: Credits for the resources I use to make icons can be found here.



Doctor Companion Minor Character Creatures/Aliens Other Time Lords

Doctor Who Experience

First Doctor First Companion First Episode Favourite Episode Favourite Cliffhanger

Category - Tag! You're It!

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Artist's Choice

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1. 2.

On a sidenode, I had a hard time deciding between the Silence, Daleks and the Fat for favourite create/alien and then the Fat just kept staring at me in that cute way... How could I not pick it? It also promised me to have a word with my scales so they decrease the numbers displayed instead of increasing them.

And here are some Clara icons for round 61 :)

Clara Oswald


Curious Grunge Hair Handwritten Levels
No Eyes Outdoor Promo Image Purple Time

Category - Character Arc

Category #1 Category #2 Category #3 Category #4 Category #5

Artist's Choice

AC #1 AC #2 AC #3 AC #4 AC #5


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